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California 30 Year Mortgages

Shop for low California 30 year mortgage rates with Resource Lenders. We offer a variety of 30 year fixed rate home financing solutions including conventional loans, FHA mortgages, VA loans, jumbo mortgages, and USDA rural housing loans. With 30 year fixed rate mortgages, borrowers enjoy the peace of mind knowing that their interest rates will remain consistent throughout their 360 month amortization periods. Thus, the principal and interest portions of borrowers’ monthly mortgage payments stays the same throughout the lives of their loans.

30 year mortgages have typically been the most popular home financing solutions in the United States as they keep monthly mortgage payments lower than 10, 15, and 20 year amortizing fixed rate products.

With our 30 year home loan programs, qualifying borrowers may be able to put as little as 0-3.5% down for government backed products (VA, USDA, and FHA) and 5% down for conventional mortgages. Jumbo programs may require a greater down payment.

To learn more about our California 30 year mortgage options, please call (800) 564-4342 or complete the Rate Quote form on this page.

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