The Growth of San Joaquin County

row of houses

There is no doubt, San Joaquin County is booming! The recently released Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages for the Fourth Quarter of 2015, documented San Joaquin County with an over 4% increase in employment. This positioned San Joaquin County as 27th best among the 343 largest counties in the United States. The release also provided data showing San Joaquin County gaining over 7% in weekly wages which ranks the county as 28th best among those 343 largest U.S. counties. San Joaquin County was the ONLY California county ranking that high in both wage and job growth which positioned the county in the top 10% among large counties in America.

San Joaquin County’s local economy is setting another all-time record, leading all of California with a projected 3.9 percent employment growth rate for 2016. Good news for San Joaquin County doesn’t stop there, her housing market currently is recognized as the 5th hottest market in the country, enjoying a rise in home ownership. The county’s population is also growing; with 720,000 residents it is one of the fastest growing in California. These are positive indicators translating into a glowing long-term employment and economic outlook for San Joaquin County.

To be fair, much of the growth in San Joaquin County has been led by logistics and warehousing. Driven by Amazon’s expansion which doubled warehousing jobs in the county all by itself, the trend is expected to continue. Amazon recently announced an additional one million square foot expansion in the town of Tracy. Arguably, warehousing does account for a great deal of the reported job growth; the wage growth is a direct result of increases of employment in higher paying sectors including government and construction.

More thanĀ 70,000 people commute from the San Joaquin area to Silicon Valley and the Bay Area every day because home buyers searching for affordable, quality housing choices are choosing San Joaquin County. The San Joaquin County residents find housing to easily meet their lifestyles in choices that include urban, upscale, family-centric, and master-planned communities. With exceptional schools, San Joaquin County’s 14 school districts with more than 200 schools serve 135,000 students. Some home options offer riverfront access to the San Joaquin Delta and all housing options are priced at a fraction of the cost of some neighboring markets, San Joaquin County is poised for even more growth and positive infusion.

Additionally, more thanĀ one million people ride the Altamont Corridor Express train each year to the Bay Area from San Joaquin County. With foresight in planning, the regional public transportation was specifically and successfully designed to meet the workweek needs of commuters to the Bay Area. The Altamont Corridor Express operates four Monday through Friday round trip trains and is scheduled to offer six daily round-trips by 2018 and ten round-trips by 2022.

Transportation has been central in fueling San Joaquin County’s growth. The county’s close proximity to the Bay Area and an incredible transportation network of interstate freeways, a deep water port, airport and a sophisticated rail system, has positioned San Joaquin County for sustained economic growth in attracting new business. Add to the business expansion in the county, a healthy existing a growing workforce, commuting options and affordable, desirable housing choices accentuating a high quality of life and it is easy to see that San Joaquin County is a thriving area, strong and growing.